torsdag 25.04 - 2019


kl. 16:00 - Entré 60,- / 8€ or 250,- / 33€ for a three-day ticket



Hailing from Skåne, Iron Pike's take on sludgy doom has both the taste of timeless bleak industrial landscapes of Birmingham, as well as more modern existential angst and stiff middle-fingers of (post)hardcore, lending the band a refreshing sound and attitude. With members from among others grinders The Arson Project, there is more actionable anger emanating from Iron Pike than from most of their sludge-contemporaries.

Slow, steady and inevitable like a steamroller, Quallus from Leipzig layer their doom with tinges of droney repetition, and on top of that a solid dose of sludgy aggression. The result, which can be heard on the band's only release so far (the demo/EP Versus from 2015) is a mind-melting blend that easily sustains the length of the track (20 minutes) and makes one want more - and of course want to watch the band live.


Playing a straightforward sludgy punk with an in-your-face attitude, Copenhagen locals Quitters might at first listen seem almost primitive and without any adornments... but beneath that surface are layers of depressive content combined with wild and wacky ideas and an at times almost playful undertone.


First of all, Finnish doom-sludgers Slave Hands are angry as hell. They're also heavy as a ton of bricks. Their slow, rotting riffs get under your skin, grab you, drag you kicking and screaming along, as inevitable as death itself. This is not pretty at all - and really has no need to be. It's quite simply life in all its ugly decay.



Thursday 60 DKK (8€)
Friday and Saturday 120 DKK (16€) each
A three-day ticket will go for only 250 DKK (33€)
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