lørdag 27.04 - 2019


kl. 16:00 - Entré 120,- / 16€ or 250,- / 33€ for a three-day ticket


Belgian peddlers of depressive moods Drawn Into Descent create enticing hymns for the downtrodden combining the wistfulness of good post-rock/metal with the aggression, anger and atmosphere of black into some kind of holistic description of a grey, forbidding and unwelcoming world, where the only escape is to flee into this exact music. Diagnosis and cure in one package.


Enisum from Italy play a depressive yet longing black metal with a definite laid-back, ambient component. Sounding extremely immersive, dreamy, painful and depressive, while definitely still packing a punch. Sound wise they lean toward the grand, majestic and painfully depressive tradition of US black metal, and yet their more ambient moments sets them quite apart from the general pack of black wolves.


Dark, melancholic and as slow and unrelenting as the bedrock itself, Belgian aetheric post-doomsters Fvnerals play music that is as beautiful as it is painful and depressive. Straddling many different genres from postpunk through doom all the way to more experimentally tinged postrock, all of Fvnerals' parts fit meticulously together, creating an impressive and poignant atmosphere that will surely make you want to close your eyes and float away - because we all float down here...


While there is definitely some musical kinship to fellow Belgian post-metallers Amenra when looking at how they construct their riffs, Hemelbestormer use their building-blocks to create quite a different atmosphere. The hard-hitting instrumental quartet play a post-metal much more contemplative and thoughtful. And where many of their contemporaries choose to look inward, Hemelbestormer have their sights set for the skies and space. With their excellent 2nd album A Ring Of Blue Light (2018) they have firmly placed themselves among the very best.


Tongues from Aarhus play a jagged, jarring blackened deathdoom that is as adventurous as it is relentlessly black. Black as in pitch-black. Adventurous as in all the little details scattered across their compositions of despair. With Tongues nothing is quite like it might appear on the surface. And as they examine the deepest, darkest voids of our innermost thoughts they create music with a jazzy vibrancy and a playfulness that almost (but only almost) belies the violent hopelessness.


ULTHA (de)
The atmospheric and ritualistic black metal of Ultha is almost gothic in its nature, and sends shivers of both fear and true bliss down the spine. Their many-layered compositions (often exceeding the 15 minute mark) succeed in sending the mind on searching journeys of its own, leaving the motor-reflexes to cater to banging of heads and spasmodic jerking of limbs. Grandiose as well as murderously direct and sharp.


VANUM (us)
Vanum are M. Rekevicz (Yellow Eyes and Vilkacis) and K. Morgan (Ash Borer), and as such it should come as no surprise that the band is placed solidly on US Black Metal soil. And with Vanum they have created an entity that is comprised of both stunningly beautiful atmosphere and an equally beautiful onslaught of punishing black metal pummeling. And if the recent single Jaws Of Rapture is anything to go by, they will attend Northern Discomfort presenting a magnificent new album.




Thursday 60 DKK (8€)
Friday and Saturday 120 DKK (16€) each
A three-day ticket will go for only 250 DKK (33€)
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