fredag 26.04 - 2019


kl. 16:00 - Entré 120,- / 16€ or 250,- / 33€ for a three-day ticket



On top of the classically construed doom metal of Swedish Acolytes Of Moros, lies the magnificent, almost operatic, yet somewhat underplayed vocals of Christoffer Frylmark, and the combination makes you feel the pain all through to the core of your soul. Thus, Acolytes Of Moros does not have to resort to musical violence, to bring their doom, instead weaving delicate patterns throughout their compositions, striking the delicate balance of bliss and destruction.


The sound of Antlers range from the anthemic and majestic landscapes of modern black metal straight through to the abyss of chaotic, pitch-black metal. But there is also a more ambient side to the band, influenced by guitarist Pablo C. Ursusson's Galician ambient-folk project Sangre De Muerdago. So, you're in for much more than simply black metal by the numbers, when Antlers take the stage, most probably obliterating their entire surroundings, while maintaining perfect inner balance.

The expressive English drone-duo Bismuth play a delightfully dirty, doomy kind of drone, that is never in danger of simply disappearing into itself, but is both pointed and sharp. Their long, melancholic compositions (not the least the fantastic The Slow Dying Of The Great Barrier Reef off the 2018 album of the same name) depict both the infinite sadness of losing life 1000s of years old, and the anguished anger of such an annihilation brought on by humanity's disregard.


HEXER (de)
German doom-de-force Hexer made one of the greatest albums of 2017 with their debut Cosmic Doom Ritual. And that album title, incidentally, also describes the band's music perfectly. Ritualistic and doomy, yet with a solid dose of cosmic psychedelia. And live, the band is definitely a force to be reckoned with, creating a dense, almost claustrophobic atmosphere of complete and utter madness, where the only viable solution is to let yourself be carried off on the band's pounding conjurations.


With tentacles digging deep into the history of depraved, blackened, depressive music, reaching eventually back to Hellhammer and early Celtic Frost, Morast suck up every inch of filthy life and turn these dark liquids into writhing blackened doom, more vital than perhaps imaginable in its bleak depiction of collapse and decay.


While maintaining the heavy bluesiness to easily call what they do sludge, there's an almost proggy feeling to the compositions of German quartet The Moth (bass, guitar and two drummers). But definitely also more than a nod towards both stoner-rock and classic metal, as well as both the urgent melody and the psychedelics of the more grimy parts of grunge.


The funeralistic black-infused doom of Belfast's Owlcrusher seems to be quite as relentless and unstoppable as a glacier. But beneath the ice cold surface of death, lies a molten ritual promising doom and destruction. No one escape Owlcrusher with their sanity intact.




Thursday 60 DKK (8€)
Friday and Saturday 120 DKK (16€) each
A three-day ticket will go for only 250 DKK (33€)
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