torsdag 14.09 - 2017

Bogcaféen Barrikaden præsenterer:
Queer performance poetry

kl. 19:00 - Entré Free / Gratis

Chelsea Tadeyeske (Milwaukee) and Edie Roberts (Detroit) are performance poets from the post-industrial USA. Their work is performative: engaging the broad range of voice and gesture, and often collaborative: utilizing two voices to create layers of sound and intention. They will each perform a short set of queer-punk performance poems of their own, as well as a piece together called "knife safety" dealing with zeitgeist anxiety of environmental and emotional collapse.

Ghost Yar is a musician, trans activist and day dreamer. Ghost Yar reads poems and texts from his queer life.

My poetry is a dialogue with existence. It's not a violent dialogue, just a dialogue over a beer or 2. Beer is good, thinking and feeling are good as well. If poetry is an escape, then write poetry. If poetry is the only one that listens, then write poetry. If poetry is a mirror, then write poetry. If poetry is the way the world is made, then write poetry. So I write poetry about anything. But mostly about what it's like to live in a world that doesn't make sense, to live in a world where you don't fit, to live life a little too hard sometimes, to think a little too much sometimes and about the times when my heart hurts. I write about everyday life, what happens, what it looks like and what that feels like when it needs to contain everything I'm made of and perceive.


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