onsdag 28.06 - 2017

ENGULFED Engulfed (tur)
TAPHOS (kbh)

kl. 20:00 - Entré 60,-


Old school Death Metal domination straight from Kadıköy hell, featuring members from Decaying Purity, ex-Burial Invocation, Deggial. Engulfed are eager and ready to pull your weakling soul into the sulphurous depths of fucking hell !!!


Death & Thrash Metal band from Kadikoy, Istanbul.


Formed in 2013 by Henrik B.C. and Thomas F.J. They have both played in a lot of the Nonagram bands such as Blodfest, Wolfslair etc. and have sought back to their roots in Death metal musically through the last few years. The music of Deiquisitor is fast-paced and aggressive Death metal, very influenced by the sound and style of the early 90's bands. The lyrical themes are about topics such as occult science, ancient mysteries and apocalyptic theories. They started as a duo, but now an ally through many years, Daniel A., has joined in on bass. Their releases so far are a demo released in 2013 and an EP entitled "Hexagon vortex" in 2014. But they also have all material ready for a 12 track full-length release. The line-up is: Drums: Henrik B.C., guitar and vocals: Thomas F.J., bass and backing vocals: Daniel A


TAPHOS (kbh)
Death Metal


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