lørdag 08.04 - 2017

Drum and Bass In Your Face!

RA:SKL (dk)

kl. 23:00 - Entré 50,-

Drum and Bass

Drum And Bass In Your Face is a new projekt starting up.


This will not be the usual DnB raves, we are going away from the Jungle, Raggae DnB and bringing some more Neurofunk, somehow psychedelic sounds. We have 3 awesome djs playing this night and they are all specially pinned down to play the night up minute by minute so expect a boomb of DnB all night!


ELEKTRA started her career in the underground of Spain in 2014, where she found her passion for DnB in 2015. She then started a collective with some friends called (NDK), this was when she finaly found her sound. Mixing diffrent styles quickly brought her up the ladder, which is why she now is the promotor for a club called Brutal CLUB hosting different kinds of events such as Breaking Bass parties, while she still works in the underground scene of Valencia. 
The most recent project she's involved with is a collective called Undergound Female Movement (ufm) where the name says it all!

RA:SKL has, since his official debut with bass collective RMS in 2009, been breaking boundaries, one step at the time, challenging the forces of apocalypse with shredding basslines and tearing drums.
As a proud member of the Abducted Records family and a mind set to break down the unfortunate human's despicable dependance on yesterday, he has now joined the record label Brainshakaz and will be playing Ungdomshuset, where he has played several times before. 
RA:SKL, as usual, will be pushing the limits in his set and we look forward to what hes got for us this time!

OBSCENE (formerly Alternate Motion) has been making Drum and Bass for some time now. With a backgroung in fast Breakbeats, and heavy basslines, the productions vary on a large scale, from jazzy liquid to dark neurofunk.
He is also part of the record label Brainshakaz, where you can listen to his awesome tracks under both the names OBCENE and Alternate Motion

There will be drinksbar and beerbar BUT REMEMBER CASH

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