fredag 02.10 - 2020

The Grindcore Family Weekend 2020

kl. 20:00 - Entré 70,-

The Grindcore Family Weekend 2020



Anal Anus Angreb (D.61)

leprechaun bells and hey!!


BrainWasher (swe)


Choked by own vomits (cz)
grindcore with elements of gore grind and death metal

Kandar (cz)
Horror oriented grindcore

Vomit Angel (dk)
death metal with some goregrind elements


More TBA.



Doors 20:00
First band at 21:00
70 kr.


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The GrindCore Family.

The Grindcore family, is a group of people who are trying to create some live in the grind scene, we do most of our shows in the area around Copenhagen.
We book bands from all over the world, for one reason to celebrate the extreme music.
We are 100% DIY because we love to do it this way and we want to spread the DIY spirit!



The Grindcore Family weekend

TGF weekend is a yearly event, is a two days celebration of fast music from all over the world. You can find this celebration of the extreme music in Ungdomhuset in Copenhagen. So move your ass and come out to Ungdomshuset and Grind your mind.
See you in the pit.


We are part of Umgdomshuset Dortheavej 61 and we are supporting these rules:
We do not accept.
Hard Drugs.