lørdag 01.04 - 2017

Revolution 909 II

kl. 21:00 - Entré 50 kr


Salute brethren. 
The cold is slowly declining and the sun is creeping forward from its slumber, invigorating our bodies. The winter has been long, but finally come to an end. Don't let all this newfound power go to waste with job and duties. Come spend your night once more and get lost in the pulsing vibes of techno delivered by Copenhagen's most ruthless DJs. Brothers and sisters. We invite you again to come dance and show we're still here together. 

Main floor

DJ Hvad 
Elias Gozal


DJ Sharp

More TBA

And as always: No Racism, Sexism, Homophobia/Hetrosexism, Violence and hard drugs


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