About the House

A little information about the new house, the buildings and the agreement we made with the foundation.

How does it work?

A bit about the five guidelines, direct democracy and other things that make our house work.

Find us!

Road directions, map and bus connections.


A little history about where we came from... Jagtvej 69

The 5 Ground Rules

No racism, sexism, homophobia/heterosexism, violence or hard drugs. See more about why.


Contact information to different groups in the house.

The 5 Ground Rules

These are the the reformulated ground rules, if you have anything you think should be changed, take your own notes and come to the next Monday meeting. Then we'll discuss it.

The 5 Ground Rules

To create a free space, it is nessesary to confront the things and people that limits others freedom. That's why we have the 5 ground rules, that we expect both activists and users of Ungdomshuset, respect and act by. No matter if it's a Friday night at a concert, or a Tuesday in the yard.
It's important that you take it seriously, if someone points out that something you do or say is unacceptable. When someone points it out to you, it shows an interest, that you remain a part of Ungdomshuset.


No kinds of racist and xenophobic statements, acts, emblems, tattoos or such is acceptable in Ungdomshuset.


By no sexism we mean no discrimination against gender-minorities. These can be; cis-women, trans people,non binary people, a-gender people, gender nonconforming people, or feminine representing people.


It is unacceptable to get involved in other people's sexuality. As long as it is with active consent from everybody involved. To be clear, if you're not a part of what is going on, it isn't your business if people are asexual, sexual, monogamous or polyamorous, or how the individual chooses to be it.


Violence takes many forms, and non of them are accepted in Ungdomshuset. Violence can be physical, psychological, verbal and sexual. To speak in a way that makes people feel unsafe, to shout, to stand close to people in an aggressive manner, to have an aggressive body language, or to speak in a way that makes people silent, is also seen as violence


Any use, sales or stashing of pills, powder, gas, shrooms, other hallucinogens or other chemical junk will not be accepted! If you used hard drugs outside the Youth house, or got a drug related hangover find another place to be and come back when you're a 100% sober again!

Discrimination is not always obvious, and takes many forms. Policing, silencing, objectification, age-fascism, fatfobia and ableism are examples of discrimination that we do not accept.

If these rules are broken, you have the opportunity to go to the Monday meeting, and talk about the situation, on Mondays at 7 in the cafe. Two weeks prior to the meeting, you have to tell us that you are going. Until the situation has been dealt with, you can't come to Ungdomshuset or any of the events hosted by Ungdomshuset.
If you are banned from Ungdomshuset, you are also banned from events.