About the House

A little information about the new house, the buildings and the agreement we made with the foundation.

How does it work?

A bit about the five guidelines, direct democracy and other things that make our house work.

Find us!

Road directions, map and bus connections.


A little history about where we came from... Jagtvej 69

The 5 Ground Rules

No racism, sexism, homophobia/heterosexism, violence or hard drugs. See more about why.


Contact information to different groups in the house.


Ungdomshuset has several emails:

General questions, press and contact to the house meeting goes to kontakt@ungdomshuset.dk

  • The booking group: All contact about bookings, no matter what kind, goes to this group. Write to booking61@gmail.com
  • The bookcafé: Contact to our bookcafé (also an infocafé hosting lectures etc.) is bogcafe61@gmail.com
  • The kitchen crew: koekkengruppen@hotmail.com
  • The rehersal spaces: They don't have an email, but a meeting every 1st thursday of each month, 18.00 in the café


Please keep in mind that our house is volunteer-run. This means that you can't expect an always fast reply. We will answer asap though!

If you want to send a physical letter, send it to:


Dortheavej 61

2400 Copenhagen NV